The answer greatly depends on who you are!


“The B” can be your Best friend or can become a “B****” who encompasses all the qualities of friendship’s antithesis.


“The B” can be a Balm to your pain by providing a compassionate ear to voiced and unspoken woes yet transform into a Bogeyman for those I oppose in support of those who have been claimed under my protection or guidance.


“The B could stand for Boyfriend when I’m allowed to express my full emotions and continually nurture the love within my union or, “The B” could stand for Blindness as I refuse to acknowledge the existence of those who choose to dwell in negativity.


“The B” can represent a Brain, capable of easily navigating complexities most would find puzzling and two seconds later be the stereotypical Blond who some would doubt possesses the ability to tie shoelaces.


“The B” can serve as a Buoy, fortified by seasoned spirituality, in a sea of turmoil but can also be a Ballast upon encountering an occasional wave of cynicism.


All in all, “The B” can be many things to many people, in numerous combinations that are commonly perceived by masses or privately viewed by a chosen few.

One aspect that “The B” shares in each relationship God writes into his story is the aspect of imperfection.                     “The B” can never be perfect;                                                                                                                                     “The B” can only be me!


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